Bunnies versus Vegetables…..

Although I appreciate all the wildlife we see in the garden here, there is the odd creature I would prefer not to have. Our previous garden in Oxfordshire was invaded by rabbits, and although we had carefully fenced them out, neighbours had not been as thorough and rabbits managed to find their way in. Only the vegetable garden was safe as a second line of defence was erected. When we arrived here, although there were no rabbits around at that time, we rabbit proofed the whole garden to keep them out from the start as we grow vegetables for our own consumption, not for little rabbits however cute they are. Recently though our defences have been breached. Baby Bunny has managed to find a way in. He is certainly sweet to look at and quite confiding so I am not minding him too much, but he will soon grow into a lettuce munching monster, so he must go. I am setting a live trap for him, tempting him with carrot tops and other tasty rabbit treats, but no luck so far. I’m hoping he will soon succumb though, so he can be reunited with his rabbit friends on the outside of the garden.

About wildlifegardening

Jenny Steel was a Plant Ecologist at Oxford University before becoming a writer. She has more than 20 years experience of writing about and teaching ecology, natural history and wildlife gardening. She is also a photographer, journalist and former plant nursery owner, and a lecturer and tutor in adult education. She has appeared on a variety of radio and television programmes including Gardener’s World with Alan Titchmarsh, and she presented a series of items on the BBC 2 gardening show, How Does Your Garden Grow. She has worked with and written for a variety of organisations including the Royal Horticultural Society, Natural England, Atropos, Ernest Charles, the Adult Residential Colleges Association (ARCA), Haiths, Usborne Books, Complete Gardens, Oxfordshire County Council, the charity Growing Native and several of the Wildlife Trusts. She is also the Garden Bird Guru for the wild bird food company JustAddBirds of which she was a co-founder. The Emmy Award winning film company Panache Productions are currently making a film about her wildlife garden in South Shropshire. She has written 10 books on wildlife gardening. Her website can be found at www.wildlife-gardening.co.uk and her bird food company at www.JustAddBirds.co.uk
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  1. Along with Brown Hares, it is actually quite scary to note the damage these cute bunnies inflict on our agriculture and our woodland plants. Having said that, they do feed the expanding Common Buzzard population.

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