And autumn arrives….

  Autumn really has arrived in the form of several sharp overnight frosts and that indefinable damp autumn smell in the air.  Red admirals and commas on the fallen fruit, little gangs of long tailed tits coming through the garden and fungi popping up everywhere!  This coming week I will be picking more fruit for storage and preparing vegetable beds for winter. Any empty space will be covered with home made compost and left for the earthworms to get to work on.  The orchard grass will be cut and raked off and the remains of the oxeye daisies from the pond bank will be strewn around in the hope that a few of the remaining seeds will find a home and germinate.  Then preparation for the non-native meadow will start, as long as the weather is dry.  Busy week!

About wildlifegardening

Jenny Steel was a Plant Ecologist at Oxford University before becoming a writer. She has more than 20 years experience of writing about and teaching ecology, natural history and wildlife gardening. She is also a photographer, journalist and former plant nursery owner, and a lecturer and tutor in adult education. She has appeared on a variety of radio and television programmes including Gardener’s World with Alan Titchmarsh, and she presented a series of items on the BBC 2 gardening show, How Does Your Garden Grow. She has worked with and written for a variety of organisations including the Royal Horticultural Society, Natural England, Atropos, Ernest Charles, the Adult Residential Colleges Association (ARCA), Haiths, Usborne Books, Complete Gardens, Oxfordshire County Council, the charity Growing Native and several of the Wildlife Trusts. She is also the Garden Bird Guru for the wild bird food company JustAddBirds of which she was a co-founder. The Emmy Award winning film company Panache Productions are currently making a film about her wildlife garden in South Shropshire. She has written 10 books on wildlife gardening. Her website can be found at and her bird food company at
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